I spent the day yesterday “going deeper” into the realm of teaching reading. I did my research, organized my information, and now have an effective (ha!) game plan for encouraging my 2 year old son to be literate.
So now on to something funny. This is my darling annie. More commonly known as the pajama Houdini. The first pic is what I found when I went to go get her the other morning. I effectively wrangled her back into her jammies for breakfast. But as you can see in the second pic, she wasn’t having anything to do with the jammies that morning. Since then I’ve wised up and put her in jammies that snap, but I’m sure before too long she’ll figure a way out of those too.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Meg said...

I'll find you a copy of the song "The Streak" lol

Ruth said...

Man they are beautiful girls Elissa! They have eyes like Gracie's best friend Kendyl.... time goes by too fast!


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