Road trip chapter 3: a busy momma grieves

Visitation goes off without a hitch, everyone is excited to meet the kids. Alex doesn’t knock granddad over. No major fits were thrown. But alex did manage to sneak away, and find the funeral home’s office (and manager – eek!) while I’m busy tending to my other responsibilities. I find him playing behind the managers desk, don’t know how long he’s been there. The guy’s really nice about it though. Love those small town fellows.

Still too busy to grieve. I have 3 kids to keep track of - has everyone eaten, is anyone poopy, why is annie crying now, did all of alex’s toys get back in his bag?

The funeral is Friday, nursery provided. Hallelujah. Alex and annie play, while Louisa sits quietly in my lap. Ready to give her mom a hug when she needs one. Reality catches up with me, and I finally find time to grieve.

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