Road trip chapter 4: déjà vu – the trip back

Didn’t I do this yesterday? 8 hours back, this time the kids are drained from lack of sleep. So a good deal of the trip was passed in dreamland. Peace for momma - time to crack open a good book.
Oh wait, I still don’t feel all that great. (When was the last time I had time to think about my own needs?) At least I don’t have to turn around every 5 minutes to check on annie this time.
Dinner is an experience, as usual. Pop quiz: How many fast food restaurants can you think of that provide healthy meals for youngsters (so they won’t bounce off the walls from too much junk) that I don’t have to worry about getting FOOD POISONING from uncooked meat? Let me know when you come up with one. Then find one in NE Ohio. Oh and make sure they have something my picky kids want.
Fortunately my food stash hasn’t run out, so they can eat some of that, while I have a sub. WHICH STILL MANAGES TO MAKE ME AND JORY SICK.

After dinner is enjoyable. Annie cries every 5 minutes for no reason. 2 poopy diapers (no blow outs this time). The kids all get cranky about 8 because it’s past their bed times, and they want to sleep in their own beds tonight. (not their car seats!)
So here’s mom, singing to the kids another round of the wheels on the bus, this verse has Louisa in it, while her arm is bent at an impossible angle so annie can play with her fingers.
Are we having fun yet?

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