I've seen this on a few other peoples blogs, so here's mine!
The topic: signatures
what makes you who you are

Colour: blue. Definitely blue. It’s mellow and cool. It doesn’t attract a lot of attention
Word I most like to be described as: servant
Best meal I cook: well, since I’m a pretty lousy cook, I’ll go with chili or cheesy-noodles
Best Dessert: anything that has chocolate
Favourite Book: I’d like to say the Bible. But I’m terrible about reading it.
Outfit: I wear sweats as much as I possibly can.
Bedtime: I’m drained by 10 pm
Sound: laughter
Wish: to be completely selfless. To be able to give of myself indefinitely. To not be so focused on my own needs, that I ignore the needs of the people around me.
Style: laid back - hands down. Go with the flow, roll with the punches, take life in stride.
Word: NO! ( a word I say wayyyyyyyy to much, I need to cut back on it!)
What I crave: quiet, quiet, quiet.
Surround me with: inspiration – books, magazines. Laughter – it keeps you young

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Anonymous said...

Let's see....assuming you want other responses to these...here are mine.
Colour: Green - definitely blends into the scenery.
Word I Most Lide to be described as: Mommy and a distant second, funny
Best Meal I Cook: That would depend on who you ask...my mother loves my broccoli quiche.
Best Dessert: That I cook? Jello! LOL...I don't spend much time making dessert. I LOVE to eat tiramisu.
Favourite Book: Hard question - I actually hate this question....I have LOTS of favourites.
Outfit: A skort, sandels and a tank top.
Bedtime: 11:00 p.m.
Sound: Clicking computer keys and my daughter's belly laugh
Wish: Good health until the last day of life for me and my entire family
Style: Calm on the outside - twirling on the inside
Word: Joy
What I Crave: Chocolate!!!
Surround me with: Books, kids, fresh air and sunshine.
Laughter: is the BEST medicine


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