Thanks and a story

A word of thanks to Tenika, who correctly identified the title/artist from my inspirational song the other day. It's called Legacy, and it's by Nichole Nordeman. Thanks woman!
And now for a story:
This story starts last night. I had this brilliant idea for an art project, right as I was getting ready for bed. Instead of staying up to work on it, I wrote myself some notes, and went to bed. I should have stayed up to work on it, because I laid in bed and thought about it for 2 hours. Which means that this morning I’m a little off kilter, because of my lack of sleep.
So keep in mind that I’m sleep deprived when I tell you about my morning.
Up at the crack of dawn again! (which for me is any time before 7:00 am) the kids all pile on the bed for our morning cuddle routine, which I love dearly. Everything is hunky dory until 10:30. I’m working on this great project I spent all night thinking about, (at the kitchen table because there is NO ROOM on my desk). Which means that there is paint, an exacto knife, and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t want my kids to have access to in plain view where any sticky little finger can grab it. The girls decide they are ready to get up from a morning nap. But they hardly slept a wink, so they’re both grumpy when I try to get back to work on my project after getting them out of bed.
So here’s the scene. Annie and Louisa are both pulling on my sweatpants, and screaming their heads off. I’m trying to keep them away from all the hazardous items on the table (which I am ALMOST successful at), and scrambling to finish this project so I can clean up and get lunch on the table. While this is happening, Alex is throwing a royal fit because he wants to put his winter coat and boots on to play outside. Even though it is 75 degrees outside he won’t go until he has both. Ever wish you could clone yourself? That was me this morning. I could have used about 3 of me.
I ended up having to feed the kids early (so they’d leave me alone!). Which I don’t like doing because they are terrible about mooching my lunch when I eat after they are finished.
But they are all blissfully quiet now. The girls are napping (for real this time) and alex is playing right outside the window (minus his coat and boots this time).
Life is good


Jessi said...

Yes, I wish there were 3 of me today!!!! :)

Gramma Pete said...

I found you -- Loved it - made my day a piece of cake


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