Why is it that alex feels the need to dump out every toy box in the house?
Why is it that I have to be holding at least one baby every minute of every day? (Including right now, as I write this)
Why do my children FREAK OUT every time they see food? I swear every time I walk past the bananas sitting on the counter, the kid I’m carrying goes bonkers. Forget leaving the pantry door open, or leaving a box of crackers sitting where they can see it.
Why is it that every time I attempt to accomplish something (be it read a book, clean something, WRITE THIS ENTRY, answer the phone, or attempt to create some sense of order in my house…) my daughters both throw a huge fit. It took me 30 minutes to make the bed this morning.
Why did it have to get colder out? When the weather is nice, I can throw my kids in the yard and they don’t destroy my house.
Why won’t this kid in my lap just sit still? She doesn’t want to be up, she doesn’t want to be down. She just wants to squirm.
Why does alex have to steal his sisters pacifiers? Doesn’t he realize they stay much quieter when the pacifiers are in their mouths?
Why am I so frustrated that I can’t get up and get anything accomplished? When I worked in childcare I used to be able to sit and watch kids play for hours. NOT ANYMORE!
Why does my son repeat himself over and over and over? He clearly doesn’t understand the concept of being ignored.
Why do I bother trying to clean the house? Heck why do I bother trying to keep anything clean?


Meg said...

Because you're a mommy. :)

elissa said...

awwwwwwww thanks!


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