Fill me to overflowing

Sundays afternoons are absolutely my favorite time of the week. Fresh out of church, my attitude is in check, my spirits are soaring, and my kids all take a really awesome nap. Throw in a John Wayne movie and my day is complete.
I love church. I know it isn’t for everyone, so I try not to force it on others. But it is the best food for my soul. Better than peace and quiet, a fire in the fireplace, or a mug of hot chocolate…
So let me tell you about my morning full of victories, they may sound insignificant, but they really do keep me going. Alex came into the service with us (for the very first time) he wanted to hear us singing. I sing to alex all the time, but it’s much different to hear 200+ people all singing in unison, even if no one sings particularly well. He sat in the service for a good 20 minutes until I decided to take him to play in the nursery. I am fairly certain he could have sat through the entire service (1 hour) with out causing much trouble, but I wanted him to have some social interaction with the other kids in the nursery.
In Sunday school this morning I had 8 kids. My class has grown from the four I had last fall. It makes me happy when new families come back. The mother of one of my new students said that he likes my class, even though this type of setting normally makes him feel uncomfortable.
There were other small victories this morning: Jacob knew the 4 main points from my story, he’s one that I never know whether he’s getting anything from my lesson or not. The kids all liked my games that I had planned, which believe it or not, really make teaching a lot easier.

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