Donald Trump I will never be. (deep thoughts from around 2 am last night)

Fame and fortune do not inspire me at all. I have no desire to be rich. Really, I don’t. (neither does jory for that matter) I grew up in a wealthy community and was disillusioned by wealth at a young age. I think I was about 16 when I realized that happiness comes from within, it is not something you can purchase.
Can anyone explain to me why people want mammoth houses that have more room than they’ll ever need, buy more clothes than they’ll ever wear, or need the “latest and greatest” of well… just about anything. That is a completely foreign concept to me.
I also have no desire to be famous. Sure I think it’d be cool to say I had a positive influence on the lives of others, but heck I already have a positive influence on my family (at least I think I do). They are the only ones who really matter to me anyway.
I watch the entertainment media shows (like access Hollywood) and wonder what attracts people to that lifestyle. No privacy, no peace and quiet… It’s just not for me.

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Anonymous said...

This is exactly the complecency that ruins toledo.


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