Learning to read

About 2 months ago, I did a preschool evaluation on Alex. Sadly the evaluation was lacking in the reading department. (Mainly because reading isn’t something most preschoolers can do) so I sort of pieced together my own little evaluation from checklists designed for Kindergarten/First grade. Here are the results, mainly for my own records, but I thought you might care.

2 years, 10 months
When given a word (cat) he can produce his own rhyming word
Can consistently identify 2 or 3 words by sight.
Pretends to read
Can merge two segments into a meaningful target word (m-at that says mat!)
Enjoys “building” words (assisted) with letter manipulatives

Step by step, we’ll figure this reading thing out. We’ve only just begun.


Heather said...

I'm missing everything!!! I keep checking your blog and I must have had an old post saved because I've been missing everything - good lord, I'm new to this! LOL That is a very aggressive list, Elissa! I'll have to start working on that stuff here.

Radona said...

When I started teaching Robert at 2, I used the computer a lot! Since the letters are jumbled on the keyboard, they really have to look for them. When he had typed the words, either copying mine or typing by sound, we then printed it out. We made a BIG BOOK OF BOBS WORDS. We loved it! he could add pictures and even draw his own, which made a connection to what the word meant, rather than just looking at a book picture and identifying the word. I know it is in reverse but it worked very well for Robert. He is one of the top readers at his school! Also we did M&M math, which helped with colors, counting, sequencing, patterns, groups and tasted oh so yummy when he was right! Have fun! I think 2-4 is the very best time with kids, so fun and so loving!

joy madison said...

how cool!


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