It’s funny how quickly routines change. Especially in my house, because the routine revolves around the kids needs. So I thought I”d record our current routine so I can look back at it someday. I imagine it’d make a good scrapbook page, but by the time I get around to recording this routine, the routine will have changed.
7:00-ish Alex wakes up, Jory gets up and gets him some yogurt (Alex has that every single morning) Jory goes to shower
7:30 – ish Alex finds his way back to our room where I’m still sleeping (hopefully!) The girls wake up, Jory goes in and gets them up and brings them into our room. They play on the bed while I wake up a little.
7:45 Jory leaves for work, I get up. Change all 3 diapers, feed the girls
8:00 I jump on the internet to check messages, while the children systematically destroy the house.
9:00 The girls take a nap, and I start my morning project. Projects include cleaning, yard work, alex’s “school”, scrapbooking, misc. computer stuff, (today after I write this, I’m working on a reading sequence checklist. I hope that having a checklist will make me more organized when it’s time to start teaching the girls.) While I’m working on my project, Alex is watching a movie (the only time the tv is on during the day) or playing outside if I’m outside too
12:00 If the girls aren’t up already, they wake up for lunch. Jory comes in, and I cook lunch for everyone. I usually try to make something hot, but sometimes we settle for sandwiches.
12:45 Jory goes back to work, I attempt to find something that can be accomplished with the girls awake. (side note – the girls are both incredibly clingy. I’m normally holding at least one the entire time they are awake – unless jory is home)
2:00 EVERYONE NAPS! The kids all go lay down, I check my messages (again) and relax a little before diving in on my afternoon project. Today my afternoon project will probably be working on my Sunday school curriculum for next year (trying to organize my lesson sequence so I know which topics will be covered – unless I get a whole new curriculum – which means that I”ll start all over!)
5:00 if the kids aren’t up already, they get up for dinner. Jory comes in from work
5:30 dinner. If jory had to work late, or stops to get groceries on the way home I feed the kids first, and wait until they are in bed to eat.
6:30 – 7:15 cleaning frenzy. This is really the only point in the day where I can clean. Jory keeps the kids out of my hair, so I can pick up toys, wash dishes, any misc. cleaning that needs to happen.
7:15 girls go to bed
7:30 Mommy and Alex time. Usually we read stories, but sometimes we play games on the computer or do a puzzle or something
8:00 Alex goes to bed
8:01 I crash! J I usually read, watch tv, or shower. Nothing that requires a lot of thinking, or physical effort
10:00 bed for mama. Just to do it all over in the morning


.:liza:. said...

Great thing to record Elissa!

joy madison said...

gotta love a schedule!


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