Hard work is good for the soul

What is it about a good hard work that makes you feel so alive? This morning I went out to do some yard work. Lots of weeding, a little pruning here and there, some sweeping, and more weeding (you wouldn’t believe how weeds flourish in my soil). My neighbor Henry had to come over and tell me to take it easy, or I”d wear myself out. But I was just getting started. I tell you I was a mad woman. After 2+ hours of yard work, I feel such a sense of accomplishment. Physically I’m a little tired, but emotionally I feel so alive; invigorated.


joy madison said...

This morning I woke up an hour before my kids....it was great just to get my mail read without my kids on my back! It wasn't HARD WORK, but it was work without my kids!

Ruth said...

Love gardening.....even the weeding part. Can't wait to tackle my own! post some pics of your finished work!


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