The Alex-gator and other news

Gotta love the 2 year old. He cracks me up on a regular basis. Lately he’s had this “alligator” – he uses his hand as a puppet, opening and closing the palm of his hand to “talk”. We call it the “alex-gator”. Lately this Alex-gator has been a very bad influence on my son. He tells Alex to bite people and take their toys. Hmmmmmmm. But it’s so funny to watch alex carry on conversations with his hand
Alex-gator: “you need to bite mommy!”
Alex: “No! I don’t need to bite mommy, I need to give her a pat!”
Alex-gator: “A pat?” (he raises his voice in this rather humorous imitation of voice inflexion)
Alex: “ok, I will go give her a pat” at which point he comes over and pats my arm.
You wouldn’t believe how many incidents get blamed on that poor alligator.

My neighbor brought over a bike for alex (one that his grand daughter had outgrown). My poor kid wants to ride it so bad, but he just can’t figure out the circular motion of the peddles. So basically I just push him up and down the driveway. He doesn’t seem to mind that it’s pink and has streamers coming out of the handlebars. I”ll try to get pics of him on ittoday.

Last but not least, 3 of my 4 ebay auctions sold since the last time I checked. The best part is that I sold them all to the same person. LOVE THAT. I guess it was worth the time to hyperlink them all together.


Meg said...

Well, at least the BOY is the good one! It would be bad if the gator were the voice of reason :)

Too cute! You've got to get a short video shot of that. Priceless.

Donna Walk said...

That's too cute Elissa! :) Gotta love the kiddos! :)

joy madison said...

silly kiddos! very cute!

Jessi said...

That is a FUNNY story!!!!


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