The weekend report

Saturday: Jory and I went to Home Depot and picked up some stuff to work on our yard with. We are finally the proud owners of a wheelbarrow. How we survived for 2 years in this house without one is beyond me.
The kids certainly had fun trying it out.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Saturday afternoon was pretty productive, we got quite a few dead tree limbs out of the trees. It feels good to know that they aren’t going to fall on someone.
Sunday we went to church. It was our last Sunday for Sunday school. I don’t know whether to be relieved, or sad. I enjoyed my class, but I’m ready for a break. I have a few weeks before I start getting ready for bible school, which is in July. Sunday afternoon was very lazy. I sat and read most of the afternoon. I found this neat book at the library called Under God, by Toby Mac and Michael Tait. It’s a collection of narratives about how the Christian faith has influenced so much of American history. It’s so neat to see God’s guidance and protection over the course of the last 400 years.
I took some pictures of the girls, trying to get new pictures to put in my photobar. I"ll try to get them up at some point today


joy madison said...

what a sweet picture. we have a similar one of Jaden and Jaylie at my parents house! Cute!

Jessi said...

WAHOO! A wheelbarrow! :) You crack me up! :)


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