The weekend report continued.

Yesterday we took our kids to the park. The lighting conditions were pretty awesome, so I got some great pics of the kids. The ones of alex and Louisa in my photo bar are from the park yesterday. Yes I was the only mother on the playground chasing her kids around with a camera.
I have to comment on the one of annie. That is the famous smile that I”ve been trying to capture for months now. None of my other children have mastered the art of smiling like annie does. Alex gives me the cheeser grin, Louisa can ham it up, but Annie gives me the sweet innocent “I love you Mommy” smile. I’m so glad I finally captured it.


Heather said...

That IS a precious little smile, Elissa! So cute!

joy madison said...

so sweet. I've been stalking journey for a smile, but even at 5 months, once mommy hides behind the camera, it goes away.


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