Checking in

Lets see if I can remember what I did this weekend…..
On Sat. Jory and I took the kids out to shop at target, lots of fun stuff to purchase…. After target we took the kids to the park (the one next to the Holland library) – Jory and I both wandered over to the library and found treasures, while the kids played. Saturday evening I watched High Noon with Gary Cooper (a western filmed in the 50’s) – which I enjoyed.
Sunday we went to church. We stayed for both services because Jory had to serve during the second one, so I played (socialized) in the nursery. After church we had lunch with my mom, and came home. While the kids napped I watched my mandatory Sunday afternoon movie. The Dirty Dozen (military film, filmed in the 60’s) CRACK ME UP. One of the better military movies I’ve seen. It would have been even better if John Wayne had been in it (my hero!). On Sunday evening Annie and I went over to my mom’s to help her work on some cards for her card swap. It was nice to be crafty with my mom, and be able to spend some quality time with Annie.
It rained quite a bit this weekend, which is good for my flowers, but it looks my weeds have gotten a little out of control… You just can’t win can you?

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joy madison said...

fun weekend! We took a spur of the moment trip to Portland,OR!


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