Fed the kids breakfast
Washed the dishes
2 Loads of laundry
Caught up on emails
Finish set of cards for next weeks ebay auctions
Louisa’s “7 month old” layout for her baby album
Start new scrapbook page kit for next weeks ebay auctions
School for kids:
Alex’s lessons: fine motor skills (coloring, cutting, stringing beads)
Science experiment (wind power)
Girls: coloring
Watered plants that my mom planted for me yesterday
Fed kids their lunch
Did some research for my preschool science curriculum

To do before bed:
Make cornbread (another science lesson for Alex)
Fold and put away laundry
Pick up all the toys (this could take a while since the kids decided to dump out every toy box in the house.)
Do research for next year’s Sunday school curriculum
Pull weeds?
Last but not least…… read the scrapbooking magazine I picked up at the library (ahhhhhhhhh)

1 comment:

joy madison said...

what a day. you get a lot done girl.


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