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(more journaling that could end up in a scrapbook at some point)
these are little known facts about my munchkins. I could think of a bazzillion things that the girls both do, but I had to think pretty hard to come up with stuff they do that is unique to them.

Always asks to watch a movie when sisters are sleeping
Will sit and listen to stories for an hour or longer
Will occasionally sit quietly through an entire church service with nothing to play with (our service is about 1 hour long!) but generally prefers to play in the nursery
Hates sleeping in his own bed, he’d rather be on the couch
Nickname: Alex J

Loves stuffed animals
Weighs 18 pounds
Is very much like her mother
Tends to cling to mommy, but will willingly go to a stranger
Gets bored with the baby pool, but enjoys the lake at Grandma’s
Doesn’t particularly like coloring with her siblings (who both love coloring)
Nickname: Louisa – bean
Normally wears blue or purple

Weighs 20 pounds
Freaks out in the morning if you don’t give her Alex’s empty yogurt container
Doesn’t like walking through the grass
Isn’t quite ready to play in the lake at Grandma’s, but loves the baby pool
Always has a ponytail in her hair
Likes to pull the sheets off her bed if you leave her in it too long
Nickname: Annie – bell
Normally wears pink or yellow

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joy madison said...

cute! thanks for letting us see some of their personalities!


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