Mini Vacation

So after the hair fiasco yesterday morning I decided it was a good day for a mini “vacation”. A trip to Grandma’s lake house was in order. Laying around by the lake while the munchkins splash (well alex splashes the rest of us, the girls cry because they don’t want anything to do with the water, and I yell at alex because he’s getting my book wet) But I didn’t have to clean anything, my “to do” list was at home, and Mom cooked dinner. Sounds like a vacation to me!
We took a trip over to the Boy Scout camp (the one my mom volunteers at, by her lake cottage) where we took a little nature walk, climbed on a bull dozer (the highlight of alex’s trip) and chased the camp dogs (the highlight of the girls trip). All in all, it was a fun little vacation.
The best part for Mom? Playing with the kids. I love playing with my kids, but there are so many things around here that need to be done, that I never really get to. Take care of them, yes; play with them, not really. Another bonus to our mini vacation: the kids all slept past 8 am this morning. ahhhhhhhhh

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joy madison said...

:) cool....literally!


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