Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm

A collection of kiddo stories that just make you wonder
Alex and the potty
I have to wonder about that kid, for months I’ve been trying to bribe him into sitting on the potty with candy, stickers, cookies, pop sickles, you name it, I’ve tried it. Nothing was working. You know how I get the kid to sit on that chair? Offer him a story. He’ll sit on that thing as long as I read to him. I mean who doesn’t love to read when they “go”?

Alex and the toys:
He is a contradiction in himself. He lines up his toys, grouping things by color or object. Very nice and orderly… Then turns around and dumps all the toys out of the toy box. Lovely

Yes or no?
The girls are doing really well with communicating whether they want something. Louisa is the “yes baby”. She will wait until you offer her the correct item, then says “yeah!” Annie is the “no baby”. She shakes her head when you’re offering her the wrong thing. When she stops shaking her head, then you know that’s what she wants.

Going up?
The twins have learned to climb. When I mean climb I mean the sky’s the limit. It’s not uncommon to walk into the kitchen and find a girl sitting in a highchair, or standing on the kitchen counter (eek!). The best scare was the time they were both standing on the computer desk (which really isn’t big enough for a computer and two 17 month old children). Where did they learn to do this? Alex never did it. You gotta love twins, one does something, the other imitates.


Ruth said...

I hear ya about the lining up the toys then dumping the box out! G does it all the time!
The girls are climbing now??!! Man I remember when they were still in your belly!!! I JUST moved your birth announcement off my bulletin board and into my CJ group file to add to my (future) little album about us all.
Time is going toooo fast! Thankfully we record it!

joy madison said...

I can't believe you have twins....INSANE!!! climbing twins...even worse!!! CRAZY!!

joy madison said...

btw, I know you have twins, I just think its insane that you have twins, ya know what I mean?


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