Bad blogger

I know I know, I haven't written a whole lot this week. So sorry. I have been so busy working on various craft projects (2 custom card sets and a gift scrapbook album for my grandmother) that I haven't really taken the time to journal much.
Alex is fine, he has been fine ever since the medication episode. The girls are fine, annie's new favorite thing is to climb up into the sink in my bathroom (using the toilet as a stool). She gets up there to play with our tooth brushes. weirdo.
Took the girls to the doctor on Friday. They're both perfectly healthy besides being in the bottom 5% of height and weight for their age. What can I say, they take after their mama.
Next week I'm teaching Bible school at church. I have the kindergarten class. Alex gets to have his own class this year, which is pretty exciting. So I"ve been busy gearing up for that.
Next friday Jory's parents and grandparents are driving from NM from a visit. I don't think Grandaddy and Cherie have ever been up here before. I"m very excited for their visit.
Some pretty cool news: a lady bought a bunch of my cards to sell in her store. Here's a link http://www.uptothemoon.com/wst_page8.php. She has some other pretty cute stuff there too... I think the bibs were my favorite.
So that's what we're up to.
busy busy busy

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joy madison said...

congrats on the cards!


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