The whole ordeal

I can’t even begin to explain how insane my life has been the last few days. So here’s a brief catch-up of the Peterson house
Friday: Alex’s real birthday. We had cupcakes, balloons and a few small presents just for fun.
Saturday: Alex’s party. The whole family came over. We ate out at Bob Evans for dinner, came to our house for cake and ice cream. Jory’s train cake was a huge hit. (maybe I”ll post pics when things settle down if I remember!) Alex got way to many toys.
Sunday was a normal Sunday

Monday: oy, as if life wasn’t crazy enough with all the stuff that I want to get done. Here life takes an interesting turn.
As Jory’s going to work, he has a little incident with his bike. I had to take him to work, even though I’m not dressed, nor are the kids. Since the heat index was targeted at 100+ for the day (which incidentally I don’t think it ever came close to) I decided to take the kids to the lake house, which is much cooler than our house is. So we go to the lake, in our pj’s.
Everything is calm and relaxing (ahhhhhhh) until around 5 pm, when we’re packing up to come home. We’re trying to hurry, because there’s a big storm coming. Alex brings my mom a cap full of pills.
My mom knows where they came from, but not what they are (some were aspirin, the other were blood pressure medication). She takes over (so I can tend to the kids), finds out what they are and calls poison control. Poison control tells us to take him to the hospital, he needs to have his blood pressure monitored.
We came back to town (an hours drive) to the closest hospital, where they do a bunch of tests, he’s apparently fine, but they need to monitor him over night. Sadly this hospital doesn’t take 3 year olds, we have to go to the big hospital down town. So at 11:30 at night, the packed us up in an ambulance and transported us to the Pediatric ICU at Toledo Hospital.
After another round of testing, Alex and I finally fall asleep around 1:30, curled up in the same bed.
Tuesday: we were finally discharged from PICU around 4 pm. The kid’s fine. He was fine the whole time. I felt a little guilty taking up a bed in ICU with my perfectly healthy 3 year old. But it was an interesting experience.
No, I didn’t have my camera with me.


cg said...

Hello threes!!!!

Radona said...

Yeah, aren't kids fun! We have done that, but luckily we were able to count the pills and note that none were gone. We had a climber who got into the top shelf of the cabinet and drank the entire bottle of cough syrup. So poison control knows us well. dd also ate bengay, which is so poisonous less than a teaspoon can kill you. It is like they just have to put everthing single thing in their mouths and make us worry ourselves to death! Glad he is okay and that you are home again!

joy madison said...

ACK!!!! crazy. I'm glad he was okay!

Heather Melzer said...

How scarey, Elissa!!!! I'm glad he's ok - ugh!


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