How do working mothers do it? I’ve felt very much like a working mother this week. I’ve been taking the kids to Bible school, and teaching the kindergarten class for VBS. We’re only there for 3 hours, but I’m totally wiped out! I’m so glad I don’t work.
Aside from being completely exhausted, we’re all having a ball. I have a great coordinating teacher, who makes teaching way easier. She has lots of great ideas, and is fun to teach with.
Alex is having fun. He had a little bit of trouble adjusting to the structured routine of a classroom (as opposed to the unstructured learning environment that we have at home). But he’s been doing better every day. His favorite part? Sitting in a circle. I would have thought it was snack or game time, but not my kid, he likes sitting in a circle. Strange child.
I think it’s time for a nap.


Dad said...

What do you mean, "working mother"? You work more at being a mother than the rest of the mothers in the world that have jobs!

Radona said...

you are right, it is hard! and I work at home! But I am devoted to my kids and my job has to come second! I just wish I could just be at home only, like you. I never figured that one out.

Heather Melzer said...

I say the same thing about SAHM's, Elissa - I don't know how YOU do it. Hardest job there is!

Susan said...

I totally agree with Heather! After a weekend at home I can't wait to get back to the office for a break! SAHMs - now THAT'S work!


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