Neglected but not forgotten

It’s time for a much needed update. I have been so busy lately that I fee like I’m neglecting certain areas of my life, this blog being one of them.
Last week was VBS at the church, I think I may have mentioned that. It was a very fun week for both Alex and me. Fun, but very busy.
This week Jory’s parents and grandparents are here visiting from New Mexico. This is the first time Grandaddy and Cherie have been here, and we are having a ball taking them all over and showing them the local sights. We’ve been staying out at the lake house, because there is more room out there than there is here.
But today I am at home while everyone else went up to Cabella’s, a huge outdoor sports store half an hour from here. I really need to work on my card order (half way done! Hurray!) clean my poor neglected house, make up a page concept for the scrapbooking class I want to teach, weed my poor neglected flower beds, and take another nap. One thing at a time…
Hope everyone is doing well!

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joy madison said...

good to see you back online


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