The Peterson’s visit

Well Grandma, Papa, Grandaddy and Cherie have all started their trek back to New Mexico. We had a blast showing them the sights of town, Amish country (including the Amish bakery, a must visit), the art museum, Sauder’s Village (a living history museum where people dress in costume and tell you about life for early settlers to the region), and Cabella’s (a huge outdoors sports store near here).
I enjoyed having someone else to play with my kids at a moments notice, huge breakfasts (that I didn’t have to cook), sleeping in, and not having to cook or clean a thing. But I think the best part was listening to Grandaddy’s stories about life on the farm when he was a boy…

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the whole gang

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joy madison said...

I LOVE when family visits! I miss my family so much when they leave though!


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