Calling all morons

I have a serious beef with morons. So here’s my vent.
The Water Dept. for the city of Toledo is full of total morons. I think it’s a job requirement or something. We’ve been trying to tap into city water since June, waiting for people to return our phone calls, and do whatever they need to do so we can have a plumber install our tap. We thought that they’d finally come and done our OUPS (5 weeks after they said they’d be here, thank you very much) while we were staying at the lake. So we called the plumber out to do his job, and it turns out they’d only done half the job, before calling it a day. 6 days later the job is still not done, and no one can say when they can be back in our area to complete the job. COME ON! How incompetent can you get??? The good news is that the plumber didn’t charge me for his visit (if you’re in the area and need a plumber call ALTERNATIVE PLUMBING –they rock)
I’m just getting started on my moron vent
Story two from yesterday.
The people who owned this house before us must have been bitten by the moron bug. They were the ones who built the house, and must have done a lot of work themselves, because there’s some really shoddy work around here.
My mom and I are painting alex’s room, so I was working in the closet, taking out this ridiculous wire shelving unit that was horribly designed. Half the closet is inaccessible because of it. So it’s out now, there are holes all over the closet from where they started to hang this thing without measuring. (I think I patched about 16). There are exposed nailheads from the drywall that they just painted over (even I know better than that) random screws hanging out of the wall. I could go on but I think you get the idea.
People please. If your reading this, don’t be a moron.

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joy madison said...

ah morons! don't you just love them!


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