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Yet again, I’m annoyed by the city of Toledo. I have been trying since Tuesday to get a hold of the customer service center to have my meter installed. Every time I call it’s busy. I finally got a hold of someone this morning and she said that I can’t make the arrangements unless my name is on the deed to the house. Great. Now I have to track down that puppy, and wait 4 more days to get through to tell her, yes my name is on the deed. Which means that I’ll probably still be getting city water for free this time next week. (But don’t tell the meter people)
Lots of scrubbing. Lots and lots and lots of scrubbing. I’m trying to decide which things can just get pitched (my entire wardrobe, my dish towels, my shower curtain, the kids bath toys etc. etc) and which things I really should scrub the rust deposits out of (the shower, the sinks, the toilets…). I’m using a lot of baking soda…

Annoying children.
Louisa is driving me crazy this morning. She won’t let me put her down. She’s been in my lap for at least half an hour. Not the comfy, just hanging out in Mommy’s lap, it’s the squirmy-fidgety-get me something or I’ll whine (and bite). I know what she wants (la?) but I’m not giving in.

Alex story teller.
I think I passed my story telling gene on to Alex. Here’s a sample of what you’re likely to hear if you listen to him playing:
“and then the mommy bear said to the baby bear ‘no! don’t go down the slide’. But that made the baby bear sad, and the baby bear said to the mom ‘but I want to go on the slide’. And then the mommy bear said ‘but you’ll get in trouble’.”
How many 3 year olds do you know that talk in a narrative?

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joy madison said...

stay strong mama!


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