Happy Monday!

How was everyones weekend? Mine was fabulous. Errr well sorta…
Friday my parents came over with a new door for my laundry room (exterior) Have I mentioned how brilliant the previous homeowners were? The doorframe and threshold were totally rotten. My dad took everything out with a crowbar in tiny tiny pieces (Thanks Dad!) and put my new door in. Alex was in the middle of everything “helping”.
Saturday Jory and I had a date. We took ourselves to the BIG downtown library. We both came home with an armload full of books, movies, and CD’s. Then we went out to lunch at Bob Evans. (YUM!)
Sunday we went to church in the morning, ate lunch and put the kids down for naps. Then Jory and I watched Chisum (John Wayne western). Well Jory watched it while I napped! I think I’m going to have to watch it again before I take it back. Have I ever mentioned how much I love John Wayne?? He’s definitely a favorite in our house. Sunday evening, my mom’s aunt and uncle stopped by for a visit (from PA). So I took the kids over to meet them. They’d just returned from a trip to Russia, and had all sorts of interesting stories to tell.
So that’s my weekend in a nutshell…
Oh and the water meter people are coming today. If she asks, no I haven’t been getting free city water for a full week…


joy madison said...

how fun.....check my blog for my weekend antics!!! lots of crap

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