What is up with random people leaving links back to their blogs. I mean if it was someone who had a lifestyle similar to mine that I might find entertaining, I could understand it. But no, I’m getting links to blogs about forestry and acupuncture. What on earth made these people think I would care about their blogs? It’s like a pitiful cry for help. “Please read my blog! I’m so desperate, that I’m going to leave messages on random peoples blogs in hopes that they’ll come read mine.” Oh boo hoo. If you’re reading this, no I don’t want to read about insect migration, collecting trash or whatever random thing your blog is about. If you want to read mine fine, you can even leave me a note saying hi. But for the sake of all that is good, don’t beg me to come read your blog.

In other news, life in the Peterson household is relatively normal. The weather people say that we’re getting the remnants of hurricane Katie. Which basically means that it’s cloudy with a little rain. Nothing like those poor people on the gulf coast are getting.
The kids have been little artists this week, drawing and painting up a storm.
Alex has a little bit of a cold.
The rust deposits are slowly receding off my shower. I should take a picture… Jory says I need more pictures in this thing.
Oh and we heard last night that Jory’s father has a cancerous tumor growing on his neck. So if you think about it, add him to your prayer list.

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Susan said...

So sorry about Jory's father! I hope he's doing ok and will be praying for a speedy recovery.

Yes, what is up with blog spam?! I just saw this stuff for the first time the other day!


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