2 days in a row!

I can’t remember the last time I wrote in this thing two days in a row before. My friends do it all the time, but I can never think of anything to say. Not that I really have anything important to talk about today (do I ever?) but I’m at least making the effort. The effort to record the here and now, what life is like in our corner of the world right now. Some day I’ll thank myself right?
So here goes. Yesterday I was reading this book about developing a curriculum for toddlers. (my first reaction when I saw the book was “a curriculum for toddlers? Why the heck do you need a curriculum for toddlers”) but the book has actually been really helpful. So I’m going to put some of the stuff I’ve read about into practice today… If nothing else the book has helped me examine my attitude toward being a mom (aka child care provider). Some days get pretty ugly around here. Professionally speaking, my attitude is unacceptable at times. If I was a child care provider, I wouldn’t bring my kids to me to care for (did ya follow that?) So if I wouldn’t treat other peoples children the way I treat my own, what good am I?
Straitening up.
Ummmmmmm… here’s some artwork I promised. Alex with water colors

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