looking back

Totally stole this from another blog. Feel free to steal it from mine
10 years ago:
I was 16
I couldn’t drive yet
I was on the varsity gymnastics team (there was only one, so we took great pride in calling ourselves varsity – ha!)
I had no idea where my life would go
I thought I knew everything
My life revolved around friends and socializing

5 years ago:
I was 21, but didn’t go to bars (still don’t for that matter)
A senior at Kent State, majoring in elementary ed.
Engaged to Mr. Jory Peterson, from New Mexico State
I was a camp counselor
I discovered this new thing – scrapbooking – which would eventually overtake my life
I decided I wanted to start a family after I got married (instead of waiting the standard year or two)

1 year ago:
I’d been married for 3 years and had 3 children
I was loving my life as a very busy stay at home mommy
I started teaching the kindergarten Sunday School class at church
Was disgusted by my well water
I wasn’t sleeping very well due to the fact that there were two infants and two adults in my bed at night.

I’m still loving life as a busy stay at home mommy
I am a homeschool pre-k teacher (even though pre-k isn’t mandatory in Ohio – it is in my house!)
I teach classes for my scrapbook store
I still teach the kindergarten class on Sunday mornings
I sleep much better at night since the girls are in a different room.


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