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I can’t get this page to load for some reason, it’s been a few days since I”ve been able to load it. Maybe this will change it!!!
Last night the kids were playing outside, Alex found a bug. It was sorta like a beetle, anyway, he was playing with this poor bug for a good 30 min. He had this stick, and kept poking it, making it flip over on it’s back. He then proceeds to “tickle” the bug with a stick, and informs me that the reason it’s legs were wiggling is because it was giggling. Goof ball!
Also while we were playing, Louisa was climbing down the steps on our porch, tripped and hit the drive way head first. Oy the guilt. As if that weren’t bad enough, she now has a huge gash on her forehead about 1 ¼ inches in diameter. Lucky for me, her bangs do a good job of hiding it.

Other humorous notings from my life: Annie can now say “get down!” sounds like neh now! But I can tell what she’s saying by the tone of her voice. I say those words often enough that I’m not surprised she’s picked them up.
Alex has these little stuffed animals that he calls his friends. There are about 10 of them, and he is sort of obsessed with them. He’s now carrying them around in a pot with a lid. I gotta ask, are we having friends for lunch today??
Annie’s on the floor screaming because I won’t pick her up. Louisa’s in my lap, leans over, gives her sister a kiss, and a pat on the head. So sweet.

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joy madison said...

I love all the cute "kidisms" adorable!!!


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