Purple pancakes and crafting projects

So last night in my attempt to make a creative dinner I threw a handful of raspberries into my pancake batter before whizzing all the ingredients together. Instead of getting normal looking pancakes with a hint of berry, we ended up with PURPLE pancakes that didn’t taste anything like berries. I personally can’t stand food that isn’t the “correct” color. So I wasn’t all that thrilled with the turn out, but the kids chowed on them, so it wasn’t a total loss. So here’s my purple pancakes

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I’ve been crafting up ways to use bottle caps this week. I have a class in November for the scrapbook store called “what the heck can you make with a bottle cap”. I asked the storeowner for a challenge and she gave me bottle caps. I came up with a list a mile long of what can be done with these little puppies, now I just have to figure out how I’m going to make each one! So far I have a bottle cap garland, gift tag, travel tic-tac-toe set (a tin with the board inside and game pieces), key chain, and zipper pull… If I ever get around to scanning these puppies I’ll post them here so you can see what I’ve made. So if you have any ideas on stuff I can make with a bottle cap I’d love to hear it!!


Anonymous said...

Chris and Matt once made a dinner where nothing was the correct color, mostly due to food coloring. We had yellow milk, purple pasta, blue alfredo sauce, and colored sugar (I think) breadsticks. Also, every St. Patrick's Day I add blue and green food coloring to scrambled eggs for green eggs. Of course, we also have ham. :-) We also have green angel food cake because it was my grandma's birthday and that is always the cake she had for it.
- Kathy

joy madison said...

hilarious!!! I love them....too bad they don't taste berry-ish....we make banana waffles, and they are THE BOMB!!!!


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