(to be used as journaling on a future scrapbook page)

Someday I won’t have to wonder why there are crayons in my shower
Someday there will be no fingerprints on my windows
Someday I won’t have toys all over my floor to trip over
Someday I will have nice furniture
Someday I won’t wonder what that funky smell coming from Alex’s room is.
Someday my kitchen floor won’t need to be swept 3 times a day
Someday I won’t have any babies to play tickles with
Someday there will be no more diapers to change
Someday I will be able to take my kids out in public without a second adult.
Someday there will be no more bedtime stories
Someday I’ll wonder why I ever wanted my kids to leave me alone
Someday I’ll wonder why it was such a big deal when my kids made a mess


scrapsuzy said...

Someday will come sooner than you think, too. When my kids were little (I had 4 in 6.5 years) I often felt overwhelmed and more experienced moms would tell me how fast this would pass, enjoy it, blah blah blah. Yeah, whatever. It was d*mn hard getting through it, no matter how many good times there were, too. And now what do I find myself saying to moms with little kids? "It goes by so fast! Hang in there. Enjoy it!" And then I cringe! :) But my oldest has now away at college, and I really have realized how fast Someday comes!

(By the way... the funky smell coming from Alex's room won't go away until he leaves home and you completely clean it out and repaint! I still don't know what the smell is, and it changed over the years, but funk it was!)

Meg said...

Someday, you'll look back on all these posts and cry

joy madison said...

:) it seems so far off though...even with my 6 year old, I desperately want a break!

Heather Melzer said...

Great journaling for a layout, Elissa. I think about this alot - we'll miss it someday, for sure!

Dad said...

The good part is, that Someday they will be your best friends, they'll "let" you take them to dinner, they'll bring you THEIR kids to mess up your living room (which still won't be clean) and leave handprints on the walls and windows....


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