A little grumpy – a little silly.

So this morning hasn’t been the best morning. Last night Jory was messing with my settings on winamp (where I keep all my songs on the computer) and I can’t get my songs to work. So grumpiness prevails. Heaven forbid I won’t be able to use my playlist until jory comes home to fix it. After a little tinkering I found a solution that works for now. So I sit and reflect. Surprised at myself. Surprised that I was tempted to fly off the handle at my children (who were being rather perturbing during my gotta-fix-my-tunes-or-else state of mind). So I"m really annoyed at myself for getting all worked up over a computer, and even more annoyed at myself for taking it out on my kids.
It’s been a slow week around here again. I’ve been working on Christmas projects (sorry, no details. They’re top secret!). Trying to keep my house a bit cleaner, the kids entertained… that sorta thing. A few highlights from our week: We made apple crisp on Wednesday. Must have been pretty good, because it’s already gone.
Alex has decided he is too good to wear diapers. He’s been wearing them at nights only, but early this week I forgot to put one on him before bed and he woke up relatively clean. Hopefully this means he’s done with diapers.
I told you it was a slow week.

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