So Tenika’s Meme challenge this week is about music. More specifically about the oddities in your music collection. I’ve spent way too much time this week collecting and organizing my music. But now that I’m really organized, I know what I like HA!
So here are some odd balls out of my play list.
Coolio: Gangsta’s paradise. I don’t like rap, so the fact that this one even made it in my play list surprises me, but there it is.
Veggie tales – who doesn’t like to talk to tomatoes?
Disney – Jungle Book sound track
REO speedwagon – I didn’t think it was weird, but my dad thought I was bizarre because I mentioned it in my last post
Kirk Franklin: STOMP – One of my songs from the summer I spent in VA beach
Kenny Logins, Milli Vanilli, and Moby - Who put those in there?
Simon and Garfunkle: those are for you, Dad
The Mask of Zorro – makes me wish I knew how to dance the Brazilian tango
Supertones – another loud obnoxious band that I learned to like when I lived in VA beach


SpAzzGiRL said...

I like Disney soundtracks as well, they are total singalong tunes!
Great list! :)

Diana said...

Hahaha on the veggie tales and Disney soundtrackes! They are on my MP3 list in my computer, I swear they are for my 4 year old...though I'm on the computer more than him and I know all the words to the songs...hehehe.

Great list!

Anonymous said...

Chris and I love Veggie Tales, sometimes more than the kids do. And you can't go wrong with REO Speedwagon. After a summer of hanging out as friends, "Can't Fight This Feeling" was the perfect song when Chris and I finally started dating that fall. :-) -Kathy

Ti said...

veggie tales RAWK! great list!


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