We’re going to the zoo today

(that was for Dad and Megan – I’m sure they’ll understand the reference)
Well yesterday was the last day of nice weather, so my friend Cathy and I decided to take the kids to the zoo. There were hardly any people there, and I’d say about 90% of the people that were there had children in strollers. (including us!) The kids had a ball, Annie would have been happier if we’d let her walk around instead of stuffing her in a stroller. She kept saying “down?” But other than that, everyone was on their best behavior. I didn’t really take any pics, because I was having too much fun enjoying the moment. Oh well.
Other than that, it’s been sort of a slow week. Had some good news on Wednesday, related to Jory’s job – so I bought him dinner – Papa Johns! No funny kid stories are coming to mind. On the whole, sort of an uneventful week. Thanks for asking.

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Meg said...

lolol! sounds like a fun day


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