Busy weekend

What a weekend! Saturday was a whirl wind of activity. We were up and out the door by 9 am, which I think is some sort of record. The kids went to play at Grandma’s house while Jory and I ran errands. First to the library to restock. We got some books, magazines and cd’s. So we should be stocked for the week… After the library we were supposed to have an appointment with a lady at the bank about the girls bank accounts, but she didn’t show up, so we went shopping instead. Ha! Actually I had to go to my scrapbook store to pick up my payment for the class I taught this week. Jory picked up a few things for one of his Christmas projects and I talked to my store owner about a little matter that had been bothering me. Then after the store we had lunch at Bob Evans. YUM. Jory and I rarely get to do things with out the kids, so it was nice to have a morning out to ourselves.
Then Jory dropped me off at my mom’s and picked up the girls to take them home for a nap. My mom, Cathy, Alex and I went to see Sesame Street Live. This was the first event of this type that we’d taken Alex to. He sat there like a little sponge absorbing everything. Very cute. He didn’t get all that excited about the show (probably because he doesn’t really watch Sesame street), but he watched in rapt attention. For the record, Jory says the whole concept of Sesame Street Live is ridiculous. (Which is why I went with Mom and Cathy instead of Jory). After the show Mom took us all out to dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse downtown
Sunday morning was church and Sunday school as usual. After lunch we came home and crashed. All 5 of us had a good nap. ahhhhhhh

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Lora said...

It does sound like a busy weekend! We saw a commercial for Dragontales or something the other night and we both chuckled.. thinking in a few years we'll be suckered into going to those things. LOL!!


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