Normal everyday chatter

I added a bunch of songs to my playlist on the computer. I found a bunch of CD’s from high school and my freshman year of college, so right now I’m rocking to Match Box 20, Pearl Jam, The W’s (one of the groups we listened to when I lived in VA beach) and Billy Joel. Man do they take me back. Technology is so cool.
I’ve been reading a book about Reagan and his Cold War policy during the 80’s. Why you ask? (that’s a very good question). My last “for fun” book was set during the Cold War and they were throwing around a bunch of lingo that I was unfamiliar with. Basically I was pretty clueless as to what was happening in certain parts of the book, which I didn’t like. Since we all know that history textbooks end with Vietnam, I have a 20 year gap in my knowledge of what happened in our country. So basically I’m playing catch up on all the stuff that I should have learned in History class, but never did. (It’s all Mrs. King’s fault – lol!)
Funnies from the kids:
For the last few mornings, Louisa and Annie have started cheering madly when I serve them their breakfast. Crack me up. I’d like to think it’s they’re cheering for me, because I make such wonderful oatmeal, and I’m the best mommy ever. But I know better.
Alex keeps trying to steal the girls blankets. He never really attached to any of the blankets/toys that I gave him as a baby and I think he’s a little jealous of the relationship the girls have with theirs. The other day I gave him back some of the baby blankets that I tried to give him when he was little, but it’s too late for those blankies. I can’t win can I?

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