That’s just the way it is.

I’ve been quite busy these last few days. I’ve had my head down working hard on various projects. I thought I’d take a little break to update this thing.
Silly me thought it would be a good idea to have a huge project for my December class at the scrapbook store. My class is create your own calendar, the participants receive a prebound, preprinted 6 x 6 calendar, with a kit for decorating it. Sounds like fun right? Guess who’s responsibility it is to print, cut and bind 10 of these little buggers! Mine! That’s 130 sheets of cardstock to cut to size, and 120 pages to print. Oh and I forgot to mention, cutting the papers, punching out embellishments and all that for 10 kits. FUN. Yesterday all the kids took naps (which is a rare occasion in my house) and I really cranked on this project. The main calendar pages are all cut, now I’m working on printing them. At least I have a well stocked playlist to keep me company as I sit here on this computer hour after hour. Right now I’m jammin to a little Tim McGraw, life is good.
I had a few funny kid-isms to share, lets see if I can remember them.

Last night as I was getting the girls ready for bed, I was trying to teach them to say “I love you” Annie (my little parrot) did pretty well. Louisa on the other hand is quite the stinker. Here’s how the conversation went:
Mommy: say love…lll-ooooo-vvvvvvvvv
Louisa: dee dee dee
Mommy: no no no. lllllllll-ooooooo-vvvvvv
Louisa (giggles): dee dee dee
Mommy: You’re just being ornery!
Louisa giggles.

Annie has been wearing this blue hooded sweatshirt around for the past few days. (she refuses to let me put on a clean one) She must have the hood up, or she’ll throw a fit. So I have a cute little hoodlum running around here.

The girls have been in to monkeys the last few days. We have 3 beanie monkeys (including General Mayhem if any of my family remembers him) and they’ve been up to mischief around here. Jumping on the girls heads, flying through the air, riding around in the dump truck and getting lots of hugs.

Alright, enough goofing around, back to work.

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