Productive weekend

Friday: My mom came over to get Alex to play over night. It was really nice since I spent most of Friday freaking out about the 120 calendar pages that I had to print, and the fact that I was getting way too much “help” from my munchkins. So take one kid out of the mix, and all of a sudden, the need to compete for Mom’s attention is gone, which means my productivity goes through the roof. She came over after school to get him, and he spent the night at her house and had lots of fun. While I manage to finish my printing and get everything ready to take to be bound, fix dinner and read a little. (ahhhhhhh)
Saturday I ran errands, Louisa and I went to get Alex and Grandma, and we all went together. We went to the scrapbook store where I teach so I could put some finishing touches on my calendar sample, then we went to Office Depot to drop off the calendars to be bound, went to the craft store to kill time while the calendars were being bound, then had dinner. Rather productive. Except that I found these really cool ornaments that I wanted to make at the craft store, like I really need another project to work on.
Sunday I went to church, and did the Sunday school thing. Had lunch at Panera’s, went home and went to work. I helped Jory work on his scrapbook project, and cut more paper for my class.
So I have this calendar program on my computer that’s supposed to make life simpler because it helps you manage your to do lists and whatever. I haven’t ever used it because I’d just as soon make my to do lists on a scrap of paper and hang in on my bulletin board. Well I started using it this month and it’s really stressing me out! Yes I can plan my chores for each day of the week better, but I can also look and say there are 16 huge tasks on my agenda this week that don’t include take care of my children or tending to their basic needs in any way. So maybe I should just go back to doing one day at a time. We’ll see.
I really want to make some apple crisp.

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shelby said...

wow! you got a ton done! good for you :)


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