History lesson

Well since my last post I’ve received several lovely comments about this historical importance of daylight savings time. Thank you all for the history lesson. In case you were wondering daylight savings time was started by Ben Franklin so that farmers could work longer or something like that.
With that background knowledge in place, I can once again climb on my soapbox about this yearly tradition. First off, when Franklin was alive, I’m sure our national economy was very much driven by agriculture. 300 years later, it is not. Farmers are now in the minority, so why do we still bend over backwards to accommodate them as if our economy revolves around them.

** disclaimer ** I love farms! My inlaws run a rather large spread (the size of a small city) out in New Mexico with farming and ranching. Love ya George! You’re doing a great job ;)

Anyway, back to my soapbox. Since the 1700’s when this tradition was started, there have been considerable technological advances in the farming industry. It is no longer critical for farmers to work from sun up to sun down. I’m fairly certain my father – in - law doesn’t work those types of hours. And if he really did need to work that way, we have this great invention called the light bulb. It’s great when you want to work after nightfall. They can be used in your workshop, in your tractors headlights, and in floodlights to light the entire area you want to work!
Come on America, isn’t it time to let go of this tradition?

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