Weekend report

It was a pretty good one as far as weekends are concerned. Saturday night my mom, Cathy and I took the kids out on the town. We had dinner at a local pizza place (Charlie’s) then went in to the scrapbook store where I teach so I could get some supplies together for my December class.
Saturday I went to a scrapbook event hosted by my mom’s neighbor to benefit the Boy scouts. I got a lot finished on my little calendar that I’m making for my December class, but it’s still not finished. I have a class coming up on Tuesday, and the store owner wants my December project finished (or close to it) in time to take it to the November class so I can advertise it. I’ve pretty much decided that it will not be finished in time for tomorrow’s class, because I want to use some of the supplies at the store when I go in to teach. So all that freaking out last week about this deadline that I wasn’t going to meet was for nothing. Oh well.
Sunday was church, normal as always. We had 4 new kids in my Sunday school class, which is HUGE. They all seemed to have a good time, which is cool. I worked on my calendar a little more… did a little cleaning… nothing terribly exciting.

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