Kiddo update

It’s been a while since I wrote an entry about what my kids are up to, so it’s about time I think.
Alex hasn’t touched a diaper in about 2 weeks. He has accidents from time to time, but nothing major.
He loves his stuffed animals. He loves to cuddle them and cheer them up when they are sad. Sounds a lot like my job, except I get kiddos. I’ll take kids over stuffed animals any day.
The girls are still attempting to communicate. Last night I swear Louisa said “need more cookie” I was on the phone with Vangie, she can verify. Annie’s new word that she is very proud of is diaper. The other day she and I had a conversation that consisted of “diaper? Yeah.” for about 2 minutes this went on. It was really funny.
Annie’s other new thing is that she loves to give hugs. So sweet.
Louisa has the worst luck with her breakfast. I think she’s a slow eater like me, because the other two are always finished before she is. They then proceed to steal as much of her breakfast as they can. Since I don’t usually sit with them while they eat (like I do at the other meals) I’m always running into the kitchen to see what she’s screaming about. I’ve tried making the others get down from the table and giving them other snacks, but it doesn’t seem to help. I can’t decide whether to get mad at Alex and Annie for stealing, or just tell Louisa “sorry, you should have eaten faster”

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