Our weekend

We had a fun and relaxing weekend in our house. Saturday Alex and I ran errands. We went to my mom’s house and the library. I had no curriculum to teach my Sunday School lesson with on Sunday, so I had to scrounge around to see what I could come up with on my own. The library had fun things for everyone: a book and magazine for me, 2 videos for Alex, and a movie for Jory. Saturday afternoon I spent some time reorganizing my play list, adding some new songs that had been floating around on my computer. They were mostly songs that Jake gave us when he was here a few weeks ago, but there were some other new ones that hadn’t been organized yet. Saturday evening was the annual office Christmas party at Jory’s boss’s house. In the past they haven’t been much fun, because Jory was “the new guy” and didn’t really know anyone, but he’s managed to make a few friends now, so we had a good time.
Sunday morning found us at church. My impromptu Sunday school lesson went over well. We did the story of Joshua and the battle at Jericho. We listened to the story, made horns, built a wall, then knocked it down. Lots of fun if you’re five years old. After church Alex and I went to my mom’s house to make cookies, I think we finished up about 1/3 of our cookie baking for the season. Sadly I didn’t have my camera with me, so I don’t have any evidence!

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Dad said...

"Joshua fit the battle of Jerrico, Jerrico, Jerrico, Joshua fit the battle of Jerrico, and the walls came tumblin' down." Did you sing that one? Not politically correct now. Echos of 1953. "Fit". Don't hear that very often any more. (I could play guitar and sing it for you...!)


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