The eagle has landed

Ladies and Gentlemen, project create a calendar has officially left the building. After 2 hours at the scrapbook store doing last minute things (and picking papers for next month’s class) I put the kits in my bin and walked away. (And all God’s people shout AMEN!) I even have a whole week to go before the class. Just enough time to forget what a headache that project was. For a treat I took myself to the library for some magazines and cds.
A few funnies:
Yesterday I hear “crinkle crinkle” from the girls room, so I go to investigate. All 3 of my children are sitting around munching on graham crackers! Turns out someone opened the pantry, snuck the crackers out, CLOSED THE PANTRY door, found a secure hiding spot, then proceeded to share the loot with the other two. Ok, so it’s not the first time my kids have stolen food from the pantry, but this is the first time they’ve made such an elaborate production out of their thievery.

Conversation with Louisa from this morning:
Louisa: Cookie?
Mommy: No silly! No cookies until after we eat lunch
Louisa closes pantry door. “Night night cookie”
Too danged cute.


shelby said...

congrats on getting the calendars done! too funny about the crackers...little sneaks! ;)

Dad said...

"Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you. Sneak, and ye shall find". It's Biblical. Especially around Christmas time.


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