Random stuff.

Last night I had my calendar class. I had the funniest lady in my class. Her name was Joan and she cracked me up the entire night long. Have I mentioned that I love connecting with other local scrapbookers? Every class I teach I get to meet new people and hear new stories, see pictures of other peoples kids, discuss the newest trends in scrapbooking… it’s so fun. Last night was no different. Glad that class is over though. It’ll be a while before I take on another big project.
I’ve been fighting my natural sleep cycle lately. My preferred sleeping hours are from 10:30 – 7:30. Well lately I’ve been sleeping until 9ish. No one seems to need my attention before then, and I have no discipline about getting up if I don’t have to. So I sleep until 9:00, which is nice, but then I can’t seem to fall asleep before midnight. My body is so exhausted from being a mom all day that I can’t do anything productive after 8:00 pm, but I’m still awake for 4 hours. So I’m trying to be more disciplined in when I get up. But I wont tell you that I got up at 9:15 this morning. Ugh.
Kid funnies:
The other day Louisa was looking out the window and said clear as day “eat snow”. Where did that one come from? I haven’t really had them out playing in the snow, and certainly haven’t discussed the possibility that snow is edible. Weird.
I know I had other kid funnies to share, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head.


Teresa Fortner said...

Ok, Elissa, I finally visited your 'blog' and this is really my first "blogger" experience but thought I would share on the topic of kid funnies...
Luke has caught on to how he can get more of something and has been asking for "5" of something (snack, whatever) b/c he's almost 5! HA! He only used 4 for a day until he realized it worked :)
Abigail, on the other hand, tires me out with the talking! When Luke is at preschool or Craig is at work, she will constantly ask me, "where's Luke(or daddy)?" to which I have finally turned back on her and she then answers herself ("at work" or "at school"). Then tries again later, sneaking in an "I don't know" to be cute :) I liked hearing some of your families antics, I'll have to visit back again soon! Teresa

Dad said...

"Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat the yellow snow..." -Frank Zappa. (Do you even know who Frank Zappa is?)


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