Christmas shopping.

So last night Jory and I *started* our Christmas shopping for the kids. Let me tell you our list of ground rules that we established before we started shopping, so you can appreciate the struggle we had in finding a few things for each kid.
1. Nothing battery operated.
2. Nothing directly tied to pop culture – my kids don’t really watch tv, so they don’t really care about sponge bob / Dora the explorer / Blues Clues – and I’d like to keep it that way. So no Dora board games please.
3. Nothing we already have 1,000 of – no stuffed animals, matchbox cars, books or videos.
4. Nothing that looks like it will break easily. If it can break, it will in my house.
5. Nothing with tons of little pieces for me to pick up – no more legos, or puzzles
So here’s what we ended up with:
1. Mini playground balls – small enough to be played with inside, soft enough that they can be thrown and hopefully not break anything. 4 in a package is the added bonus
2. Two sets of Thomas the tank engine cars. – Yes I realize there are Thomas videos – which makes them somewhat pop culturish. But I don’t think my children would care if they were “Thomas” cars or generic train cars – they fight over the ones we have, so it was time to add to the collection.
3. A board game: Hi ho Cherry – O. Alex and I love to play games together, so it was time for a new game.
I’m still on the look out for some puppets that don’t make their own noises (what’s up with that?) and a medium sized car/truck that isn’t battery operated or looks like it will break easily. Plus I might make some bean bags for my kids


Meg said...

If you don't mind sock puppets, I'd like to make some for them...

joy madison said...

I was going to say, MAKE some cute puppets!


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