Monday Morning, feeling groovy.

As far as weekends go, mine was a pretty normal one. Saturday was my day to run errands, so Alex and I teamed up with my mom to knock some chores off of our lists. I picked up my curriculum for Sunday school, picked up my payment from the scrapbook store from my calendar class. From there we ate lunch and dropped a schload of stuff at the library. In the evening Jory and I worked on our various craft projects.
Sunday morning we went to church, had lunch, then went back to work on various craft projects while the kids “rested” (aka played in their beds 3 hours when we finally gave up on them sleeping). Oh and we watched the season finale of Survivor (yea for Dani!)
I’ve been saving a few more random stories from my life.
Louisa comes up to me and says some bit of gibberish. While I proceed to figure out what she’s telling me, she laughs at me! (she’s probably done this 5-6 times) It’s almost like she thinks “lets say some nonsense to Mommy and make her think I’m saying something real, then laugh at her when she can’t figure it out” – that kid has quite a sense of humor.
For the last 18 months or so my girls have had oatmeal for breakfast every morning. For a long time I would mix raisin bran or some other dry cereal in it to make it a little more interesting. But every morning for the last week they’ve been asking for “fruit breakfast” (oatmeal with fruit in it). Of course the proud Mommy willingly grants the request. Ah the joys of being able to communicate your desires, and have your request fulfilled.
Ah yes, as I sit here listening to Phil Collins on my little playlist, I’m reminded of another story. I generally have some form of music on during the day for company. One day I had Phil Collins on, and Alex says to me “It’s the Tarzan song!” I was completely shocked! First of all, it wasn’t the Tarzan song, but it was the same artist who did the Tarzan song. Second of all, I think he’s only seen that movie once, so HOW THE HECK DID HE MAKE THAT CONNECTION? The kid never ceases to amaze me.


shelby said...

too funny! sounds like a good weekend :)

joy madison said...

oh my goodness....my kids do that too...they have amazing memory for songs!!!


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