How come I think up a million things to write about in the middle of the night, but as I sit down here to write, I can’t think of a darned thing? So frustrating. I should write these entries at 2 am, I really should.
Ah yes, now I remember some of my random stories. Annie. Sweet adorable Annie. (NOT!) code name: Jail bird. The stinker has already figured out how to get out of her jail *did I say that?* I mean crib. She used the rocking chair that’s between the girls beds. You bet your buttons I moved that rocking chair. (take that ya little monkey!)
Alex has been all about the fake sneeze lately. Complete with the adorable “excuse me” afterward. What is it with boys and their bodily sounds? At least it’s not the fart. Only a matter of time, I know.
The girls are starting to understand the concept of color. They point to something and proudly announce “green!” whether the particular item they’re pointing to is green or not, is slightly irrelevant at this point. I believe that Alex had his colors down by his second birthday, so the girls are right on track.

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joy madison said...

so cute! Journey is trying to crawl out of her crib too, but she's only 12 months, so she isn't getting very far:)


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