Snowed in.

We’ve officially had our second “big snow” of the year (4.5 inches according to the news). Sadly the first “big snow” hasn’t melted off yet, so there’s tons of snow on the ground. One of these days I’ll get the kids out in it (long enough to snap a few pics, then we’ll come back in!) I’m not much of a cold weather person. Besides the idea of bundling up 2 toddlers and a preschooler (which will take at least 30 min. I’m sure) for 20 minutes in the snow just doesn’t sound worth it.
The good news is that my neighbors from the biker club came over last night and dug out my driveway. They had a 2 man crew, one in a truck with snow plow (it’s a long drive way) the other with a shovel. They came over around 10:30 last night; I was still up watching the Apprentice finale, so I went out and spoke to them. Jeff says “heaven help me if I let you drop one of those babies”. I think I’m going to take them a plate of brownies or something to say thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! How nice of them! -Kathy


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